Creative Digital Media Zambia

This project supports the establishment of a creative digital media diploma programme in Evelyn Hone College – the first such programme in Zambia.  This will, it is hoped, contribute to the emerging digital media industry in Zambia and ensure that it is strong, indigenous and sustainable.

Embedded in the programme from its inception will be the idea of harnessing digital media’s potential to contribute to social, cultural and economic development.

The curriculum for the new programme will combine high level technical and artistic skills, creativity, problem solving, team-working and understanding of development and global issues.

The programme will be accredited by the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA). The process of developing the curriculum involved TEVETA, BCFE and EHC will  be a template for future curriculum initiatives.

It will empower Zambian graduates to shape the emerging digital industry and determine its contribution to cultural, economic and social development –  to be the makers of images and messages.