Creative Digital Media Zambia

The establishment of a digital media diploma programme in Evelyn Hone College (EHC) will support the emergence of a sustainable indigenous digital media industry in Zambia. This teaching and learning-led Education proposal was initiated by EHC within an existing partnership with BCFE.

Digital media is central to the creative economy and a key component of ICT with significant potential to generate income and jobs and to promote social and economic development contributing both directly and indirectly to poverty alleviation. No programme in digital media currently exists in Zambia.

An achievable results-focused project of immediate and long term value, this proposal is consistent with Zambian National Development Plans and UNCTAD Creative Economy Report. It will establish a digital media programme accredited by the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) and build capacity in EHC. The curriculum will be innovative combining high level technical and artistic skills with understanding of development and global issues. It will empower Zambian graduates to shape the emerging digital industry and determine its contribution to cultural, economic and social development.

It is intended that the outcomes of the project, as it proceeds, will be recorded as practical research to help to inform future practice in the areas of north/south educational cooperation. It is based on practical actions that maximise the attainment of the primary goal and yield value for money in the area of vocational education.

This proposal seeks to contribute towards strengthening the tertiary vocational system in Zambia. EHC is the third largest third level institution in Zambia and the leading TVET college. A partnership between EHC and BCFE was established in 2008. Enhancing the partnership, in line with MDG 8, is integral to this proposal as is exploration of the vocational education/development nexus and the contribution of technical and vocational education to poverty alleviation.