Creative Digital Media Zambia

Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce and BCFE  established a partnership in 2008 based on a Memorandum of Understanding which committed the two colleges to collaboration and innovation in development education and in vocational education.  (for work 2008 – 2012 see……..)

Evelyn Hone College, the third largest college in Zambia and the leading technical and vocational college, is a vibrant college at the cutting edge of developments in vocational education in Zambia. It is striving to introduce high skills vocational education in new creative areas and particularly in the areas now broadly classified as the creative economy.

The digital media industry, which has grown rapidly on a global scale, has enormous potential in terms of development and job creation.  It is a key part of the creative economy, both in terms of producing creative products and in enabling other artists to reach new audiences.

Despite the abundance of creative talents Africa’s share in global trade of creative products remains marginal at less than 1 per cent of world exports despite sharp increases – UNCTAD Creative Economy Report 2018.

Young people are, everywhere, the most enthusiastic adopters and users of new media.  Zambia has a large youth population, a serious problem of youth unemployment and a lack of places at third level.  Technical and vocational education faces the challenge of providing new and relevant courses for young people.

Despite its potential to support social and economic development and to provide jobs there was in 2012 no programme in digital media available in Zambia.